Jonathan Larson was hugely impacted by the work of Stephen Sondheim, enough to use Sondheim's "Sunday" (from Sunday in the Park with George) as the basis for an entire number in tick, tick… BOOM!. So we've issued a challenge to today's cutting edge producers, house/electronic musicians, spoken word artists, and music-makers of all styles: take any piece from Sondheim's Sunday in the Park With George and remix it. Make it yours. Sample it. Adapt it. Run with it. Winners will present their pieces at this June 26th Lobby Project Event for Mr. Sondheim himself.

Challenge rules:

- Choose ANY song or piece of music from Stephen Sondheim's Sunday In The Park With George (this usage has been approved by Mr. Sondheim)
- Create your own take on this piece. All genres of music and performance are encouraged.
- You can sample audio to create a produced track, or you can use the material as the inspiration for a live composition or performance.
- New lyrics and text are permitted but are by no means required.
- Pieces should be no more than five minutes long.

Submission details:

- The submission deadline has passed. Winners will be chosen by a panel headed by artistic director Jeanine Tesori and will be announced on June 12, 2014.

The winning writers will:

- Perform their work before the June 26th evening performance of tick, tick... BOOM!. Stephen Sondheim will be in attendance.
- Receive two tickets to that night's performance of tick, tick... BOOM!
- Receive a stipend of 200 dollars.

See below for the exciting submissions!

Friday, June 13, 2014


The submissions we received for Sondheim Remix truly blew us away and it was incredibly difficult to pick just five to perform live on the night. So difficult, in fact, that we will be featuring a mix of some our favorite remixes beyond the five listed below at our Remix event as well.

The five remixes to be performed live on June 26th are:

George Abud - Children and Art
Ross Baum ft. Hannah Corneau - Move On
Farasha Baylock - White Colored Canvas
Jeremy Lloyd - Color and Light
Max Mamon and Christopher Staskel - Monkey on a Leash

Please, please continue to browse ALL of the submissions below. We are so proud of the work that these artists have done and would love it to reach as many people as possible.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Robert Edridge-Waks - Towers

From the artist: The piece, TOWERS, was constructed entirely through sampling and manipulating the original cast recording of Sunday and is in three short movements:

I. In the street
II. In the office
III. In the park

Noel Carey - Changing

Stacks of Wax feat. Emily Goglia - Finishing the Traxx

Christiana Little - Move On/Magnificat

Lane and Ani - Children and Art

Patrick Budde - His Words ("Sunday" Remix)

zpqa - Off and Running

Christian Probst and Alex Vourtsanis - Finishing The Hat

P.Kilmure Feat. Hilary Fingerman - Move On

Max Mamon and Christopher Staskel - Monkey on a Leash

Britt Bonney - Mapping Out The Sky

Joe Drymala - A Little Island

Andrew Fox - Circles and Sounds

Natalie Tenenbaum and Danielle Trzcinski - "Original Sunday"

Rona Siddiqui - Putting it Together

Ayesu Lartey - It's Hot Up Here

Maxwell Ramage - "Sunday" Rhapsody

Katie Travis and Philip Rice - Concentrate on Now